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New Integrity is a creative consultancy, formed by Indra Adnan and Pat Kane in 2003. We help organisations and individuals think, feel and imagine their way through the challenges of living in a profoundly interconnected world. We seek to build a 'new integrity' for each of our clients - a identity and consciousness which can improve their ability to act decisively in these complex, dynamic times.

“New integrity? What's wrong with the old kind?”

Old integrity means full connectedness on the inside – moral, material and mental togetherness. New integrity takes that a step further, connecting the realities and conditions of the interior life with the activities and opportunities of the exterior world.

Whereas once success or failure in the business of the world depended on the strength of an individual's character , today the same can be said for the density and vibrancy of that individual's network . Not just a bulging phone book, but connections at all levels – business and personal, emotional and spiritual, conceptual and geographical.

From the inside to the outside – only connect. Yet the crucial question is: how can one become properly aware of this new integrity, developing and evolving it as an aspect of our daily practice, in our jobs, friendships and communities? How can this awareness help us to see new connections between our intentions and our actions, transforming seemingly intractable situations in culture, commerce and policy?

Partly this involves seeing our actions in much bigger and more subtle frameworks . These days we know that connections are as often made without our deliberate consent. To log onto the internet, to “buy into” the zeitgeist, to spend our money on impossibly beautiful but cheap goods, is to step into networks of causality that we now know have effects we did not intend. On the other hand, the same simple actions can deliver us products and relationships we hardly dreamed of.

We need to look to new fusions of knowledge and experience to navigate this surprising and dynamic world. Developing a ‘new integrity' means living with, and even embracing possibility and surprise, in ways that increase our sense of self and purpose, not unravel it.

Through our array of techniques – using serious play, arts and media, re-framing and scenario-building, story-telling and narrating – New Integrity provides tangible experiences of living, feeling and thinking through our profoundly interconnected world.

The aim is to leave our clients and participants with a new ‘big picture' of agency and opportunity – one that places their profession, organisation, company or community firmly in the context of a rapidly developing globe.

Chief consultants Indra Adnan (Director, Poiesis) and Pat Kane (Author, The Play Ethic ) practise the New Integrity process through workshops, theory-forums and one-to-one coaching or counselling. For more information, please contact [email protected]