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January 18, 2006


pat kane

Great comment, and I entirely agree. Only thing I would add (because you don't seem to mention it) is that Mulgan & co are right about the necessity of finding new ways to 'do things together'. I liked the photo image of the street party at the top of the Guardian piece - which points towards the carnivalesque and the festival as ways wherein people can have some kind of unity-in-difference (and can contribute something from those 'heightened sensibilities' you point to). We need new forms of dynamic sociability, not static old nostalgias for 'solidarities' that were forged out of the brutality of war and heavy industry. It's a real opportunity for, literally, social innovation. As you've posted before, maybe Live8 - for all its flaws - is the experience of sociability that feels most natural, in a globally connected world?

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